A career in real estate can be rewarding but demanding. It requires commitment, discipline, motivation, enthusiasm, flexibility and hard work. It is not suited for those who want an easy nine-to-five job.

  • Real estate agents must be enthusiastic self-starters, continually developing leads and cultivating clients. Are you willing to make many sacrifices in your daily life?

  • There is no quitting time, the phone will ring at any time of the day or night. Are you prepared to arrange your personal schedule to suit clients' needs?

  • Most real estate agents earn their income by commission. They may make a sale one week, then not another for two months. Can you budget money to last between sales?

  • Keeping up on changing market conditions, financing, procedures, technology and laws are essential to servicing customers' needs. Continuing education is mandated. Do you believe in life-long learning?

Becoming a part of KING Team,  We offer 100% Commission along with highly professional environment. Metro King Realty Inc. believes that each team member will get all the credit for his hard work and dedication to his business which leads to 100% satisfaction level also.

Please contact us for a confidential interview to avail this opportunity.

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